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What is Reiki History

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The transfer energies as part of the healing process has been part of the practice of medicine in Japan and India for many hundreds of years.

While there are no historical records, the transfer of energy (the basis of Reiki) has been utilized and understood by medical practitioners, shamans and natural healers in the east for centuries. Many even associate Reiki with ancient Tibetan Sanskrits.

Although many non-Buddhists associate Reiki with the Buddhism and the mysticism of the Eastern cultures, Reiki is not associate with Buddhism or any other religion.

The Origins

Reiki came from a metaphysical experience of Dr. Makao Usui, a college professor who lived in Japan in the late nineteenth century, while on a twenty-one-year study of the healing process.

From ancient Buddhist teachings Dr. Usui read during this time he went on a 21 day of fasting and meditation on Mt. Kurama in Japan. On the 21st day of his quest he experienced a bright light racing towards at him. The light struck him unconscious, striking him directly in his Third Eye .

This mystical experience enabled Dr. Usui to begin using the sounds and symbols he discovered in ancient Buddist teaching, to heal. He called this form of healing Reiki and taught throughout Japan until his death.

Reiki then migrated to Western territories in the middle of the 1900′s. With the arrival of Dr. Usui’s teachings, Reiki grew and was developed by other mystics into a series of levels and different classes (levels I, II and Reiki master) that were then offered to students, practitioners and masters.

In the 1970s and 1980s, those who were involved in Reiki began becoming masters after having studied the energies and the chakras that Dr. Usui introduced. These masters were now able to practicing to heal others, as well as teach others.

With the teachings of Dr. Usui and the others Reiki has grown as an alternative, natural and mystical healing method.

The Secret to Being Sexy

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Is there a secret to being sexy?  Yes, there is.  But sometimes when we are in the midst of our journey we lose sight of where we came from and where we are currently.  It is so easy to focus on the goal – and you should – but be proud of your accomplishments.  You are not going to all of the sudden transform into a sexy beast when you reach your goal but you can be sexy now.

So what does it take to be sexy?  Sexy is how you feel and can be described in one word – confidence.  When you take care of yourself, you feel better but as moms we often neglect ourselves.  I’m guilty of this myself especially when my little boys were younger.

When I had my three year old, I returned to work when he was just three months old but I felt horrible about myself.  I was a manager but I would come to work looking messy, squeezing into whatever fit no matter how sloppy I looked.  No one said anything though.  One day I looked at myself and said if someone else came to work looking like this I would have to reprimand them.   From that day forward, I started taking the time to take better care of myself.  I noticed that my confidence started to rise.

Even though I was not yet to my goal and even still not even back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I felt good.  Doing things for myself made me a better mom, wife, and person.  At first, I felt so guilty for doing anything for myself but my husband encouraged me.  I would take a little time to get a pedicure, buy myself some clothes that fit, or workout.  This support helped bring me and my husband closer together because, let’s face it, having a baby can definitely put a strain on a marriage.

I want you to focus on the person that you are now and appreciate everything about you.  Celebrate it because you are worth it!   I recommend eating a clean diet, working out, and doing something for you, even something small, each and every day.  You will feel better, your confidence will rise, and you will be sexy!!   Now go be sexy.

Ingrown Hair Removal Products

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Human body hair is primarily of two types vellus hair and terminal hair. Vellus hair is also sometimes referred to as “peach fuzz”, and it is very soft, short hair that grows on most parts of both the male and female body. Vellus hairs tend to be under 2cm in length and aren’t attached to sebaceous glands. (Sebaceous glands get blocked, causing spots or pimples.) Hair removal products work best on this type of hair, as it is so short and soft.

On the other hand, terminal hair tends to be longer, darker, and coarser than vellus hair. During puberty, many hairs actually change from vellus hair to terminal hair.

Hair growth can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, medications, or even medical abnormalities such as higher male hormone levels or conditions in the endocrine system. Unwanted hair is something that everyone has, which is why there is such a huge market for natural ingrown hair removal products.

Hair removal products are most commonly used on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks on the face, and all over the body elsewhere, the most popular being the back, chest, legs and genital area. Different products for getting rid of your ingrown hair will work with varying degrees of success for each individual person, but be warned no hair removal product can make you completely and totally hair free forever. None are 100%.

Why Hair Removal Products

There are several methods available for removing unwanted hair, and some are simple, easy solutions, others are complicated and expensive. Obviously there is the full range in between, with accompanying permanent hair removal products for all types of hair. Also, different methods mean the hair removed will grow back at widely differing rates. The first thing to note is depilation removes hair above the skins surface (eg shaving) whereas epilation removes the whole hair, right down to the follicle itself:

Types of Hair Removal Methods

See the details as below and here are also a few ways to get rid of ingrown hair:

Shaving : largely dependent on hair growth rate, area shaved, and can cause irritations and ingrown hair.

Plucking : is a painful, time consuming method, but works effectively in areas with less hair.

Depilation : if you have a history of allergic reactions, you may want to seek the advice of your doctor before trying any hair removal creams. Plenty of hair removal products exist in this category.

Hot Waxing : Waxing is a very effective, common method of hair removal. However it is painful and infection is one side effect to watch out for. There are few waxing hair removal products as waxing is best undertaken by a professional in a salon.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal : a long-lasting method and generally requires 4-6 or more treatment sessions.

Electrolysis : done by two primary hair removal methods that is: galvanic (chemically destroys hair follicle) and thermolytic (Uses heat to destroy hair follicle).

Oral Medications : to be used if none of the hair removal methods seem to address your particular problem.

No!no! Hair : the new revolutionary hair removal treatment, uses special Thermicon technology.

Hair Removal Products Safety

Hair removing products are formulated using varying numbers of chemicals. This is why it is so important to patch test an area of skin before using a hair removal product, because if it negatively affects your skin you will seriously regret it. Also, it is essential that you follow the procedures and instructions for use that are supplied with the hair removal product, whichever you choose, in order to protect your skin.

There are several hair removing products formulated to target both fine hair, and course hair. They are a trouble free, easy way to remove hair in 9 out of 10 people. Most people experience no negative side effects at all from hair remover products and at body-hair-removal we would remind you to use common sense and be careful when using hair remover products, but the risks of skin damage or problems is overall, very low.

Fastest Way to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Symptoms

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Tonsilloliths is the medical term for what we commonly refer to as tonsil stones symptoms. These are clumped up, hardened substances that appear in the fissures of the tonsils. The makeup of these stones is minerals including calcium, carbonate, magnesium, phosphorus and ammonia. This condition commonly form in both the lingual and the palatine tonsils. Typically, tonsilloliths can weigh as little as 300 milligrams and as much as 42 grams.

Although they are not physically harmful nor do they cause unbearable pain, they can be a source of bad breath, also known as halitosis. This is the main reason that people seek ways to eliminate them permanently. Small calcifications on the tonsils might be common but when these become too large, you might need to remove them.


Other than the bad breath, one may not exhibit any outwardly signs when they suffer from tonsilloliths. At other times, when the stones are too large and protruding, they may interfere with the swallowing process, resulting to pain. Severe symptoms associated with large tonsilloliths include rough and extended coughing, sore throat, ear ache, tonsillitis, chocking, and tightening of the throat. You may also feel as so though you are tasting metal in your mouth because of the metallic minerals that form these stones.

Tonsil stones symptoms are more common in adults than they are in children. Nevertheless, some adult can go without noticing the stones until they undergo an X-ray or a scan. Studies on the relationship between tonsilloliths and bad breath indicate that most subjects with recurring bad breath are suffering from tonsilloliths. While only a few subjects with tonsilloliths maintained normal breath. This means that bad breath is one of the most significant the symptoms.

Diagnosing Symptoms

Because those stones do not always have physical symptoms, a diagnosis of the type and severity of the condition is done after inspection. Your physician may use different techniques of diagnosing such stones including imaging that detects the presence any foreign bodies and traces of mineral. CT (computed tomography) scans may also be effective in detecting the severity of your tonsilloliths.

Causes and Formation

The precise causes of tonsilloliths are unknown and the formation of these stones is not very clear. However, it seems that the tonsil stone forms because of an over accumulation of bacteria, fungi and minerals. There are indications that there is a connection between tonsilloliths and biofilms. According to this theory, the stones form as a result of accumulated bacteria that form an impenetrable structure. This structure, also known as biofilm, makes it impossible for antibiotics to treat and eradicate the stones.

Other than crevices in the tonsils, the tonsil stone may form inside the mouth roof too. Tonsils have fissures that can trap bacteria, fungi and dead cells and when these substances harden, they form such annoy stones. The stones are typically white or yellow in color and frequently occur in individuals who succumb to chronic tonsillitis or tonsils inflammation.


You need to remove tonsil stones, especially if they are causing you bad breath and pain. There are several methods of treatment that you can you use banish them. The options that are available include:

  • -Irrigation involves the use of a machine that jets water onto the stones with the aim of softening them. However, read more about the effectiveness of this method from treatment experts.
  • -Curettage entails scooping out the stones by using a special spatula. This may be effective for large tonsil stones but may not eliminate the bad breath.
  • -Cryptolysis entails the use of laser to reduce the size of the tonsils and thus of the stone.
  • -The use of surgery to remove.

However, it is advisable to read further about the options that you have from experts such as Diane Putman among others in order for you to get rid of tonsilloliths in the fastest time and also once for all. And so check it out!

What is blue waffle

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I’m sorry but I found no information on anything close to a blue waffle, in fact, this name is a slang for a vaginal infection which is formed from bacterial infection. Blue Waffle is an internet meme, an image of the genitalia of a woman who appears to be suffering from vaginitis.

Basically this condition is not a real disease and it’s only a slang term as we mentioned above, but it will show your vaginal infection might be severe. Sometimes this is a STD in your vagina. And this infection will lead to your vagina look like the blue color, then most of women said it to blue waffle disease.

According to the pictures of blue waffle on Dr. Santa, you may find there is no official web that shows pictures and images for this condition. Some several pictures on internet might be Photoshopped by someone due to some certain reason or just a joke. So you don’t worry it and if you are suspend it as a disease that can cause your body to be bad you should see the doctor.

How to Get rid of Hemorrhoids by Hemorrhoidectomy

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There are a lot of cases when it comes to the severity of a person’s hemorrhoidal conditions. But there are a lot of treatments and surgeries as well that you can avail if you have even the worse type of hemorrhoids. But in the case of the severest hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidectomy is done. Hemorrhoidectomy is the most effective way of getting rid of hemorrhoids but this surgery does not come in cheap. It is the most advance procedure in treating hemorrhoids so far.

Hemorrhoidectomy –The Last Resort for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidectomy is simply the way to get rid of hemorrhoids. This procedure is really painful which is why the person that will undergo this procedure is anesthetized generally or in the spine to feel no pain. After numbing the patient, the doctor will then makes small incisions in the area around the hemorrhoids and tie them up to block the blood circulation into the piles. The removal of piles can then be done using laser, a staple, a scalpel or electricity.

After the Surgery

After undergoing hermorrhoidectomy, it normally takes 2 to 4 weeks for the patient to recover and completely heal the wounds from the surgery. The first week after the surgery is very painful but is relived by taking pain killers and other antibiotics that were prescribed by your doctor. Taking Sitz baths or submerging your lower body in lukewarm water two or three times a day can help relax the sphincter muscles and reduce itchiness as well.

Eating a well balanced diet and foods that are rich in fiber is also recommended to patients who undergo hemorrhoidectomy. This is to soften up stools and prevent further bleeding or opening of the fresh wounds from the surgery. Applying ointments and creams will help in easing the pain and hastened the healing process. Ice packs can also be applied as a compressed to relieve the pain and further swelling that might occur.

And lastly, it is recommended that you do check up with your doctor to supervise and see if the wounds are healing well. Hemorrhoidectomy has a high percentage of success but if the patient was not able to do his or her part after the operation, hemorrhoidectomy can be a failure. So checking with your doctor in a regular basis will help in ensuring a patient’s full recovery from hemorrhoids.

Now, hemorrhoidectomy is offered to patient that undergo all the other treatments available in getting rid of hemorrhoids but if you want to undergo this procedure directly, then you need to check first with the doctor and see if you are not only physically fit for the procedure but is mentally ready for it as well. The patient who will undergo hemorrhoidectomy is always interviewed of what to expect and what will happen if he or she will proceed with the operation. Hemorrhoidectomy is no easy hemorrhoid treatment which is why it is the last resort for people who weren’t able to heal their hemorrhoids in the natural or other surgeries. So if you want to undergo hemorrhoidectomy, then better ask first your doctor about it.


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What do we know about cayenne pepper aside from the fact that it is the main part of piquant cuisines for centuries? And do you know how cayenne pepper work for weight loss? Cayenne pepper or more commonly known as the red, hot chili pepper is a native plant of Central America, though the most pungent variety have been known to come from China, India and Pakistan. This variety has been known to improve the blood circulation thus regulating heart and blood pressure, ease arthritis, aids in digestion, and relieves queasiness. Nevertheless, aside from the many medicinal benefits it can give, which can give honey a run for its money, a new breakthrough made this celebrated pepper species more eminent by the effort of half of the calorie-scared population.

Recently, cayenne pepper has been a word of mouth of avid, diet freak people. Maybe because most of them have tried everything to take off those excess fats patiently but failed. Honestly, almost more than half of the earth’s obese population had tried various kinds of regimen. A low fat diet, a high-fiber diet, a salt-free diet, some even tried a sugar-free diet, using sugar-free sweeteners or natural sweeteners such as honey. A small number of them may have attained success but most of them were still left to wondering what would be best to pump out those unwanted fats and toss them down the drain. Well, cayenne pepper maybe their answer. This hot fruit has a chemical compound called capsaicin, which, metaphorically-speaking can exceed the heat capacity of even the hottest volcano on earth. It is also an active component found in other chili pepper varieties. This compound is responsible for giving chili peppers their heat. As this hot pepper variety is extremely fiery, it boosts up the body’s metabolism of fat leading to weight loss. How does it do that? A study shows that cayenne pepper increases enzymes in the liver responsible for burning fat thus decreasing the body’s fat deposits caused by a high-fat diet at the same time, suppressing a person’s honey appetite.

It is also believed that capsaicin can also boost up the body’s ascorbic acid level. Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, is essential in most metabolic processes in the body. It burns fat by liquefying it to be able to be flushed out easily from the body.

Then what is the easiest way to take cayenne pepper and have that most desired body? Other than the cayenne pepper diet plan, there are over the counter capsules and there are also mixtures that can aid for a quick weight loss. A diet of a simple mixture of water, maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper can make a person lose an approximate of twenty pounds within two weeks. Maple syrup acts like honey, a sweetener, for this mixture. The lemon and maple syrup, with almost the same benefits as honey, will serve as the nutrient-providers while in this diet. Several testimonials can be found as to the effect of this hot mixture in weight loss. But of course, as with other food regimen, one must always be educated to the side-effects and must always be prepared emotionally and physically.

Home Remedies for Strep Throat

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The group of bacteria which is responsible for strep throat can very conveniently be passed from one individual to the other because it is a very contagious disease. It’s through sneezing, coughing and direct touch by which bacteria get transferred. So if you don’t want to be a sufferer from the infection caused by these streptococcus bacteria than be very precise about the preventive measures like proper personal hygiene and avoidance of contact with the person who is infected from this diseases and those who are already a victim of the contagious strep throat disease should also avoid spreading the bacteria by taking specific measures. A course of antibiotics is what doctors recommend to the sufferers because if untreated or not properly treated this disease can produce complications. Though medical treatments are very suitable in minimizing this disease but there are also some home remedies for sore throat which are very effective and efficient. These home remedies not only work by relieving us from the symptoms of disease but also speed up the recovery process. Home remedies for strep throat are more effective when collaborated with proper diet, excessive fluids and appropriate rest.

Some of the most effective remedies include usage of Chamomile tea, gargling, herbal remedies like eucalyptus, sage, Echinacea, peppermint jasmine, lavender, thyme and rosemary etc. Similarly use of honey and garlic for easing the symptoms of strep throat is also very helpful and they act as antibiotic treatments. But the most vital thing to consider is that home remedies for this condition must be utilized along with prescribed medications and not alone because in that case the disease would not be properly cured.

One of the most appropriate home remedy is chamomile tea because of its analgesic properties it can result in quick relief from throat pain. Sage is another home remedy that if administered regularly can cause reduction in inflammation and also acts as a protective shield for soft tissues of throat. Like chamomile peppermint is extremely efficient in reduction of abdominal pain and nausea.

You can also fight with bacteria and can visibly reduce your throat inflammation if you gargle with a bit hot salt water because bacteria’s which are the cause of strep throats can be diminished by gargling and the airways that are blocked with mucus can also be cleared by the aid of saline nasal sprays. Maintaining warm temperature is also very important and avoidance of strong odors also protects from further respiratory system inflammation.

Lavender, rosemary, jasmine and thyme can be used in the form of essences or ointments because their intake reduces pain and provides relaxation to body. Slippery bark elm is also very beneficial in reduction of throat infection. Garlic due to the possession of antibiotic properties is also very helpful in assisting recovery from strep throat infection.

Apart from these remedies for strep throat make sure that you sleep enough because regeneration and maintenance of immune system is done by the help of appropriate sleep. And if you find any difficulty or problem in sleeping due to strep throat take some natural analgesic and sedatives like ginseng and passion flower.

The Best Cure For Vaginal Odor And bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

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Majority of women encounter vagina odor at some point in their lives. Have you ever thought about what the root cause of this unpleasant odor is that makes you feel embarrassed and worried all day long where ever you may go?

We all love sweet smelling fragrances, but an odor? or even vagina odor? Nah! It can only but be repulsive to other people closest to you like your husband, boy friends, lovers e.t.c.

Best Cure For Vaginal Odors!

Women with vagina odors are generally perceived as very unhygienic and if you’re still unsure about why your vagina smells, then read on …to discover the most effective cure for bacterial vaginosis and vagina odor.

There are numerous reasons why your vagina smells. For the sake of emphasis i shall explain the most peculiar ones that relates to our every day lives.

Lack of adequate personal hygiene is the most obvious reason for vagina odor. Not keeping your vagina neat and dry will result in bacterial infection and eventually unpleasant odor.

Bacteria infection is one of the most peculiar reason why your vagina smells. Improper hygiene generates yeast infection which in turn causes fishy smells that can be noticeable in public or when in company.

Some women sweat a great deal. When sweat gathers around the vagina area, odors begin to emerge. Nonetheless, sweat also lead to the development of vagina infections- this is another major cause of odor. To resolve this, sweat pads are highly recommended as a prevention and cure for vagina odor.

Women who do not follow high level of hygiene during their monthly mensural cycle are prone to vagina infections and odors. Mis-use of sanitary pads or tampons is a major contributory factor to vagina odor. Not
changing your sanitary wear regularly leads to foul smell.

Alternative Remedy For Vaginal Odors!

Wearing very tight fitting underwear that prevents air from getting into your vagina are also known to cause unpleasant vagina odors, most especially synthetic underwear that are known to retain the smell thereby making it even stronger.

Abnormal PH level in the vagina do also lead to vagina odor. Most women do wash their vagina with chemical products that kill off the PH level. Therefore leading to imbalance of PH in the vagina which causes odors.

Keeping your vagina wet after bath or after using the ladies room would cause foul smell which also serves as a breeding ground for bacteria that normally leads to yeast infection.

From now on make a duty to take good care of your vagina the same effort you put into your dressing. Ensure it’s always clean, neat and tidy then kiss fishy vagina odors goodbye.

For those still having vagina odors, look no further as there is a proven all natural home cure for vagina odor. It’s inexpensive compared to medications and tablets but very effective cure for vagina odor.

Unlike medications and even some injections, this all natural home cure for vagina odor has no side effects whatsoever as it will stop the fishy smell in under 72hrs.

Detailed Aspects of Swollen Uvula Surgery

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The context of swollen uvula surgery is very rare, but still it is considered as a mode of correction of social snoring. Some surgical procedures like uvulopalatopharyngoplasty are conducted with an attempt to broaden the respiratory airways by eliminating tissues at the hind portion of the throat, including the pharynx and uvula. These procedures may be quite invasive but the chances of side effects remain adverse. The patient needs to be diagnosed properly on his/her existing disorders. If the patient is obsessed with other physiological troubles, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc, then these surgeries are avoidable.

Risks involved in the surgery

There are certain risks involved in this uvula surgery; the most prominent one amongst them is development of scar tissues in the surgical areas of throat, due to incisions to broaden the airways much more than it was naturally before surgery. It may also diminish or emerge the airspace inside the velopharynx. The development of scar tissues being individual traits, it is often tough for surgeons to predict that how the patient might response to this. In some individuals it might be limited, whereas in others it might be greater in quantity. However, presently, the American medical Association (AMA) disagrees with the utility of lasers to conduct surgeries on uvula and pharynx.

Other forms of surgery

A relatively newer form of surgery is the Radiofrequency ablation (RFA). This procedure involves application of temperature (ranging between 77 degree Celsius and to 85 degree Celsius) to the hind tissues of the throat, like the uvula and soft palate, leading to the development of scar tissues beneath the skin. Post healing, the surgical area is stiffened. This surgical procedure is conducted at an outpatient basis, where the patient needs to attend the clinic for several sessions. RFA is quite effective in bringing down the snoring tendency, but does not assure complete elimination of it.

These surgeries are quite complicated and do not assure guaranteed results. These are more often aimed at altering some physical forms of existing tissues, through which your airways can be broadened and more oxygen would be allowed to enter your body; you might be able to inhale and exhale freely, without causing a shuddering sound due to blockage of airways or collision of tissues with each other.

You should consult an expert and accept other modes of swollen uvula treatment, prior concluding to undergo a snoring surgery. Your body stability and requirements need to be diagnosed first, so that you do not observe physiological complications post surgery. Easier modes of treatments for snoring are available, you should try to accept them and surgery is certainly the last option, in any case, none of the alternative treatments brings effective outcomes. You should start with consultation with your physician about your snoring tendency; try to adapt the natural remedial measures in your regular routines, as prescribed by your physician. You can use herbal medications under the prescription of your doctor, use suitable oral appliances and certainly surgery is the last option of treatment for snoring.

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