How to Get rid of Hemorrhoids by Hemorrhoidectomy

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There are a lot of cases when it comes to the severity of a person’s hemorrhoidal conditions. But there are a lot of treatments and surgeries as well that you can avail if you have even the worse type of hemorrhoids. But in the case of the severest hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidectomy is done. Hemorrhoidectomy is the most effective way of getting rid of hemorrhoids but this surgery does not come in cheap. It is the most advance procedure in treating hemorrhoids so far.

Hemorrhoidectomy –The Last Resort for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidectomy is simply the way to get rid of hemorrhoids. This procedure is really painful which is why the person that will undergo this procedure is anesthetized generally or in the spine to feel no pain. After numbing the patient, the doctor will then makes small incisions in the area around the hemorrhoids and tie them up to block the blood circulation into the piles. The removal of piles can then be done using laser, a staple, a scalpel or electricity.

After the Surgery

After undergoing hermorrhoidectomy, it normally takes 2 to 4 weeks for the patient to recover and completely heal the wounds from the surgery. The first week after the surgery is very painful but is relived by taking pain killers and other antibiotics that were prescribed by your doctor. Taking Sitz baths or submerging your lower body in lukewarm water two or three times a day can help relax the sphincter muscles and reduce itchiness as well.

Eating a well balanced diet and foods that are rich in fiber is also recommended to patients who undergo hemorrhoidectomy. This is to soften up stools and prevent further bleeding or opening of the fresh wounds from the surgery. Applying ointments and creams will help in easing the pain and hastened the healing process. Ice packs can also be applied as a compressed to relieve the pain and further swelling that might occur.

And lastly, it is recommended that you do check up with your doctor to supervise and see if the wounds are healing well. Hemorrhoidectomy has a high percentage of success but if the patient was not able to do his or her part after the operation, hemorrhoidectomy can be a failure. So checking with your doctor in a regular basis will help in ensuring a patient’s full recovery from hemorrhoids.

Now, hemorrhoidectomy is offered to patient that undergo all the other treatments available in getting rid of hemorrhoids but if you want to undergo this procedure directly, then you need to check first with the doctor and see if you are not only physically fit for the procedure but is mentally ready for it as well. The patient who will undergo hemorrhoidectomy is always interviewed of what to expect and what will happen if he or she will proceed with the operation. Hemorrhoidectomy is no easy hemorrhoid treatment which is why it is the last resort for people who weren’t able to heal their hemorrhoids in the natural or other surgeries. So if you want to undergo hemorrhoidectomy, then better ask first your doctor about it.

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