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Human body hair is primarily of two types vellus hair and terminal hair. Vellus hair is also sometimes referred to as “peach fuzz”, and it is very soft, short hair that grows on most parts of both the male and female body. Vellus hairs tend to be under 2cm in length and aren’t attached to sebaceous glands. (Sebaceous glands get blocked, causing spots or pimples.) Hair removal products work best on this type of hair, as it is so short and soft.

On the other hand, terminal hair tends to be longer, darker, and coarser than vellus hair. During puberty, many hairs actually change from vellus hair to terminal hair.

Hair growth can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, medications, or even medical abnormalities such as higher male hormone levels or conditions in the endocrine system. Unwanted hair is something that everyone has, which is why there is such a huge market for natural ingrown hair removal products.

Hair removal products are most commonly used on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks on the face, and all over the body elsewhere, the most popular being the back, chest, legs and genital area. Different products for getting rid of your ingrown hair will work with varying degrees of success for each individual person, but be warned no hair removal product can make you completely and totally hair free forever. None are 100%.

Why Hair Removal Products

There are several methods available for removing unwanted hair, and some are simple, easy solutions, others are complicated and expensive. Obviously there is the full range in between, with accompanying permanent hair removal products for all types of hair. Also, different methods mean the hair removed will grow back at widely differing rates. The first thing to note is depilation removes hair above the skins surface (eg shaving) whereas epilation removes the whole hair, right down to the follicle itself:

Types of Hair Removal Methods

See the details as below and here are also a few ways to get rid of ingrown hair:

Shaving : largely dependent on hair growth rate, area shaved, and can cause irritations and ingrown hair.

Plucking : is a painful, time consuming method, but works effectively in areas with less hair.

Depilation : if you have a history of allergic reactions, you may want to seek the advice of your doctor before trying any hair removal creams. Plenty of hair removal products exist in this category.

Hot Waxing : Waxing is a very effective, common method of hair removal. However it is painful and infection is one side effect to watch out for. There are few waxing hair removal products as waxing is best undertaken by a professional in a salon.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal : a long-lasting method and generally requires 4-6 or more treatment sessions.

Electrolysis : done by two primary hair removal methods that is: galvanic (chemically destroys hair follicle) and thermolytic (Uses heat to destroy hair follicle).

Oral Medications : to be used if none of the hair removal methods seem to address your particular problem.

No!no! Hair : the new revolutionary hair removal treatment, uses special Thermicon technology.

Hair Removal Products Safety

Hair removing products are formulated using varying numbers of chemicals. This is why it is so important to patch test an area of skin before using a hair removal product, because if it negatively affects your skin you will seriously regret it. Also, it is essential that you follow the procedures and instructions for use that are supplied with the hair removal product, whichever you choose, in order to protect your skin.

There are several hair removing products formulated to target both fine hair, and course hair. They are a trouble free, easy way to remove hair in 9 out of 10 people. Most people experience no negative side effects at all from hair remover products and at body-hair-removal we would remind you to use common sense and be careful when using hair remover products, but the risks of skin damage or problems is overall, very low.

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